Galaxy Theatres is all set and ready to embrace the month of love. While February is best known for Valentine’s Day, there are so many reasons to enjoy a film this month. Whether you’re in the mood to celebrate romance, family, or friendship, the films this month are sure to hit the spot.


We love how romantic the month of February feels, especially seeing couples enjoying a date night at one of our 15 theatre locations. However, in recent years, we’re seeing that even more people are coming up with ideas to treat themselves to a date night out! We’re going to highlight three main celebrations this month and why you should spend them at our theatre enjoying our one-of-a-kind theatre entertainment experience.




The traditional romance holiday of the year is well-known by many, but often not celebrated to the best of its ability! In typical fashion, an ideal date on the 14th of February might consist of dinner and a movie. Here’s a bit of Galaxy Theatres advice to keep in mind! Instead of having dinner first and then taking in a new movie, try reversing the order. This way you’ll see the movie first and then have something to talk about during dinner.


The perfect film for date night this month with your significant other will be The Photograph, which follows the budding romance between a young woman who just lost her mother and a rising-star journalist, writing a piece on her life. The path to answers for both of these individuals will draw them closer together. From this video clip alone, we can sense that the chemistry between actors, Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield, is sincere. Make it a memorable and influential Valentines’ Day weekend with this charming film. Grab a beer or wine from our concessions area, pair it with a large popcorn for two, and you’ll be ready to go!




This seemingly popular social holiday has been on the rise in recent years. Known to follow the day after Valentine’s Day, the 15th brings together an awareness or appreciation for being single. Contrary to how it sounds or in relation to what it represents, Singles Awareness Day is all about recognizing love in friends and family and most importantly, in yourself.


If you’re looking for a movie to pair with the occasion, you may want to check out Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island. This horror film will remind you of what’s important in your life, especially when witnessing your favorite characters’ fantasies quickly become nightmares. This film pairs perfectly with a personalized pizza, pretzel, or nachos at our concessions. Rejoice in not having to share your tasty treats!




The final holiday we want to highlight is Galentine’s Day, which falls the day right before Valentine’s Day, February 13th. This unofficial holiday has sparked popularity over the last couple years and has really resonated with girls and women everywhere! While it first started out as a joke from the popular TV show, Parks and Recreation, it has swept the nation, empowering females to embrace their girl power and friendship. Grab your best friends and head to our concession stand to stock up on wine by the bottle and popcorn by the tub!


The newest film based on the DC Comics, Birds of Prey, is all about strong and powerful women. This film is perfect for a Girls’ Night Out, so let your girl squad know that a movie night is approaching! After a fresh split from the Joker, Harley Quinn is a brand-new woman. She joins a team of other female superheroes, including Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya to take on an evil crime lord. This fierce flock slayed their film premiere last month – check out the red-carpet photos. If that’s what they delivered on the carpet, we can’t wait to see what they deliver to the big screen!


The month of February at Galaxy Theatres gives you so many reasons to come enjoy the newest films alongside a one-of-a-kind theatre experience! Which of the three occasions will you be celebrating this month?