Galaxy Theatres will be feeling the love in February as a new set of epic films comes flooding onto our big screen! We kicked off the year with some great horrors in January like The Grudge, Underwater, The Turning, and Gretel and Hansel. We also laughed with our friends and family seeing Dolittle, Like a Boss, Bad Boys For Life, and The Gentlemen. Finally, we were deeply moved by the dramas of the month, which included Just Mercy, 1917, and The Rhythm Section! February is sure to bring a new wave of emotions and experiences. Get your calendars ready because we’re diving into the top films to see! 


One of our favorite villains from Suicide Squad (2016) might have a moral compass after all. On February 7, Harley Quinn is back and better than ever in Birds of Prey. After a split from the Joker, and a new villain terrorizing Gotham City, Harley Quinn joins forces with a fierce team of superheroes, including Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord.


Gear up for Valentine’s Day with these wonderful selections! Luckily, we’ve got a little something for everyone. The classic romance drama to fit the mood this weekend will be The Photograph, staring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield. When a tragic loss leads a daughter on a journey to investigate the life of her mother, an unexpected romance with a journalist helps her through the trying time. What can we say about this film? Simple: bring tissues.

While not your typical genre during the romance holiday of the year, Fantasy Island, from Blumhouse Productions, might still be desirable! What starts out as a luxurious resort-like adventure where guests live out their wildest dreams quickly turns into a survival story to get off the mysterious island. What fantasy of yours could be so bad that you eventually change your mind about it?

Can’t find a babysitter or just looking for something more light-hearted? Sonic the Hedgehog is a perfect family-friendly film to see. Based on the videogame franchise we all know and love, Sonic navigates the real-world with his human best friend, until a villainous doctor tries to capture our favorite hedgehog and use his powers for world domination. 

FEBRUARY 21 & 28

Embark on an adventure and experience The Call of the Wild this month. Based on the well-known 1903 novel by Jack London, as well as the 1935 film of the same name, this remake stars Harrison Ford as the protagonist and takes you on a legendary journey through the Yukon.

A limited film we’re excited to debut at select Galaxy Theatres locations will be Las Pildoras de Mi Novio, translated to mean “My Boyfriend’s Meds.” This film is a perfect comedy for everyone! It follows a man who goes on a romantic vacation with his girlfriend but forgets his multiple personality disorder medication at home. The antics that follow will have you laughing out loud. Ideal for couples or group outings, don’t miss this film on the big screen! Check your local listings closer to the film release on February 21 for show times and film formats!

Fans of Jane Austen will love to hear the news that a new film adaptation for Emma will hit the big screen this month as well. This film uses effortless satire to portray romantic matchmaking from a meddlesome protagonist. Anyone who’s ever been set up on an atrocious blind date and lived to tell will absolutely love the actions in this film.

Brahms: The Boy II is an upcoming slasher mystery that follows a family’s discovery of a doll that appears to be eerily human. The dark history of their new residence leads to an unveiling of horrific events that are sure to have you clutching onto your comfortable reclining seat for dear life. It’s important to remember that it’s just a movie and we’ll be turning the lights back on when it’s over.

Blumhouse Productions has another horror film premiering in the month with The Invisible Man. This terrifying modern tale of obsession, starring Elisabeth Moss, follows a woman being haunted by her recently deceased husband, who was an abusive and controlling scientist during their marriage. This film will be both creepy and thrilling as it makes its way to the big screen!

We hope you look forward to seeing these exciting films on the big screen at Galaxy Theatres this February!