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Mon, Nov 22 What We’re Thankful For Most This Month

Thanksgiving is a tradition filled with family, friends, excellent food, and gratitude. An excellent combo indeed and we're delighted to express our deepest gratitude to you. You are a part of the Galaxy family and all of us at Galaxy Theatres appreciate YOU!! Nothing makes us happier than big smiles and laughter from families and friends enjoying time together while making memories that last a lifetime!



We are extremely grateful for our Galaxy Team Members who make the magic possible! They work tirelessly behind the scenes at our 16 Galaxy Theatre locations focusing on providing you the finest, immersive motion picture presentation out there and serving you the tastiest popcorn, food and drinks in town!



Part of what makes the moviegoing experience so enjoyable is seeing a film as part of an audience. For many of you, the communal experience isn't just about being with your friends; it's about being in the company of others and sharing a moment together. We're grateful for every conversation we've shared together and reminiscing about the good times at Galaxy. We're incredibly lucky to contribute to the memories being made with loved ones and look forward to creating more over the holidays and into the new year.


Galaxy Theatres' outstanding community and matchless team members both play major roles in making Galaxy Theatres the finest movie theatre it can be and we are eternally grateful! We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing your happy smiles again soon!