SpidermanIf you’re not already crushing on Tom Holland and Zendaya, this Christmas is the perfect chance to get to know them as the lovable Peter Parker and MJ.The blockbuster hit of the season, SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME, hits Galaxy Theatres December 17. Not caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This film is a great, sneaky way into becoming a fan without all the backstory. Read on to find out why enthusiasts from several different movie franchises will be lining up to see this can’t-miss moment in movie history.

The Raimi-Verse and Beyond

Since 2002, films about a teen bitten by a radio-active spider causing him to gain superpowers has captivated audiences. The original that most are familiar with stars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Willem Dafoe. This trilogy has become known by fans as the “Raimi-verse” in reference to director Sam Raimi. Ten years later the story was reprised in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, directed by Marc Webb. Each of these films pulls different villains from the comic book origin stories to give the character new challenges and spins. In 2018, the Academy Award winning animated feature SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDERVERSE opened audiences to the idea of multiple realities, each with their own version of our spider hero. The newest installment of the character coming soon will look to widen this idea of parallel universes in what Marvel calls ‘The Multiverse.’ In other words, anything can happen.


The Sinister Six

In a historic deal made by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, these production companies decided to come together with multiple major franchise films that were once considered competitors, now colliding into a web. But how do we know? While the big spoilers will be saved for the big screen, many of the trailers for SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME show the classic villains from the separately licensed films of the past. For example, Willem Defoe has been cast again as the Green Goblin, Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxx as Electro, as well as appearances by The Lizard and Sandman. While fans have gone wild with speculation, there are still no confirmations that multiple Peter Parkers will cross-over into the MCU but the hopes of audience members will be high. There also seems to be another big reveal looming over this movie as only five what comic books call ‘the sinister six’ have been publicized as antagonists for this story.



Whether you’re well-versed in the chronicles of Spider-man or just starting to get some Spidey senses, this winter premiere is an action-packed, endearing story anyone can enjoy. While watching Tom Holland grow in the first and second films in this installment are also encouraged, it’s not wholly necessary as SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME is about to mix things up. Or, if you’re already a follower of all things Avengers, get ready to sling into the next era of Marvel starting December 17. Can’t wait for you to see this film on the big screen with us at Galaxy!