Robert Pattinson has found a place under the spotlight lately with his recent performance in TENET and his upcoming role in THE BATMAN. To admire his work as an actor, we’ve decided to take a look at Pattinson’s best work from the past two decades. Read on to take the journey through his successful and diverse career. When you realize how versatile of an actor Pattinson truly is, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see his work on the big screen at Galaxy Theatres!


Pattinson’s charming performance as Cedric Diggory in HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE brought magic and emotion into the film. We all grieved the loss of Cedric at the end of the film, but our memory of his character lives on. Pattinson nailed Cedric’s character and made the movie an unforgettably moving tale. Our only complaint is that he couldn’t be in more of the Harry Potter films after his character’s passing.

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It’s hard to leave Pattinson’s teen heartthrob years out of the mix. TWILIGHT was a worldwide phenomenon among young people who read the book series or simply craved an exciting new love story. Pattinson’s role as a vampire in love with a human left an impression on all of our hearts. Though it may not have been a critically acclaimed film, it did set a precedent for its era, as midnight premieres at the time were incredibly popular among teens. Similarly, this series got Pattinson’s foot in the door as an actor and left a mark on the hearts of many teenage girls!


Pattinson offers a heartbreaking performance in this romantic drama. REMEMBER ME is a coming-of-age story that follows Pattinson’s character’s relationships in the world. We see as his relationships fluctuate, progress, and stall with his father, with his friends, with his sister, and ultimately with a love interest. As we eagerly watch his life unfold and get back on track, the tragic storytelling leads us to understand that we’ve been set in a time period of 2001–September to be exact. The heart-wrenching culmination is all we need to understand the doom that follows. However, the film sets Pattinson apart as a role of this emotional magnitude helped further establish him as a multitalented actor.

TENET (2020)

In his latest debut film, TENET, Pattinson plays a physics buff working alongside the film’s main protagonist. His character’s mysterious identity brings an intriguing and thought-provoking element to the film. If you haven’t had the chance to watch TENET yet, or see Robert Pattinson in a captivating role on the big screen, you won’t want to miss your chance to make this film the one to see! Luckily, TENET is still playing on the big screen at Galaxy Theatres, so purchase your tickets to see it now!


We’re all itching to see how Pattinson will revive the beloved Batman character in the upcoming 2021 film. While it is hard to follow Christian Bale’s stellar performance in the Dark Knight trilogy, Pattinson is sure to provide a new and interesting angle to Bruce Wayne. Get ready for its premiere next October by watching some of these stellar Pattinson performances again.

Robert Pattinson’s acting career has been in full swing since the early 2000s, and some of his best performances are yet to come. We can’t wait to feature all of his upcoming films on the big screen at Galaxy Theatres, so let us know which role has been your favorite!