See your company larger than life on the silver screen. Movie Theatre advertising is one of the most captive and cost-effective forms of advertising anywhere and is unique as it reaches an attentive and receptive audience.


Movie Theatre advertising is...

  • The most captive and cost-effective form of advertising anywhere
  • Unique as it reaches an attentive and receptive audience
  • No distractions such as telephones, remote controls or other activities
  • Next day recall is 68% higher than TV, radio and newspaper
  • 78.5% of all movie theatre audiences are between 18 and 49 years old
  • The average moviegoer arrives 19 minutes early

The average moviegoer...

  • $75,000+ annual household income
  • Graduate Degree or higher level of education
  • Employed full or part time
  • Has residential broadband Internet access
  • More than two computers in the home

"… I would recommend this form of advertising to anyone who would like to increase their bottom line! Not only is the advertising itself extremely effective, you and your company have been an absolute delight to work with! You have always been there to answer my questions, help with production and help us communicate with the theatre itself. We could not ask for a better experience!"

Christine, Carson City, NV


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